The Binary Nature of Mental Illness

There are four types of mental illness
Type one hurts others but not you (01)
Type two hurts you but not others (10)
Type three hurts both you and others (11)
Type four hurts neither (00)

Most mental illnesses are type two or three
Sometimes you can go from three to two
If you limit your contact with people

People don't like to be around crazy people
People who say crazy things
People who don't act the same
People who don't feel the same
They make them uncomfortable
They scare them

"Out of sight, out of mind"
You can be out of your mind
Only if you're out of our sight
Please have your fits with professionals

We don't want to see your tears
We don't know where it comes from
We can't help you
We don't want to help you

It's always gonna be type three
Unless you kill yourself

April is National Poetry Writing Month

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