Shut Up

Shut up and roll over
I want that only thing
That you have to give me
Shut up while I pull those pants down
No one can say I'm raping you
Of course that wouldn't work
I can see that you're into it
Shut up while I mount you
I'm tired of waiting
For you to get to work
Shut up while I do it
Your spit, your sweat, your snot
What's the difference
From the other fluids you make?
I don't need your help
To get it from you
Just shut up while I ride you
I'm tired of talking
Of hearing about your needs
My needs are more important
I am the family
You're just being selfish
Now just hold still
Your help isn't helping
This isn't for fun
It was never for fun
I don't need to feel close to you
I just need one thing
And I need it when I need it
Until I don't need it any more
Shut up and wait 'til I'm finished
And don't need you any more
I want to reproduce now
It's my decision
My child will replace you
There's nothing you can do about it
Resistance is futile
Just let go and let it happen
I'm not asking, I'm telling
You have no choice
Either way you will become nothing
So just shut up
I don't want to hear it

(4/28) April is National Poetry Writing Month

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