A Contract Blythely

The dewy newlyweds
Before the banker's desk
Seek his monetary sanction
Lay bare their plans for sex,
Childbearing, child rearing,
Home and family life
In a place of public commerce

Do they even need a plan?
They have the seal of Church and State
If not shared love, at least a shared paper
The banker gamely joins the farce
Contractual polished wood and marble, cool and solid
Fleshly needs, primordial, their endless squabbles
In ridiculous juxtaposition

Sex and marriage are silly things
Like skiing
Why does one do it?
One just does
Others admire the boldness
Without knowing why

From some high place
One slides down
Drawn by inexorable, heady forces
Where one goes and winds up depends
On the rash choices made while on top
To the warm and welcoming lodge
Or to a cold deserted valley
Of blaming one another

One cannot clamber back up
Much though one might wish it

April is National Poetry Writing Month

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