Shake your Money, Honey

Hmmm...typical quality level for UD.

They missed a chance here.  When I saw this word, I thought of a sex-neutral idea similar to a French headline I saw once, "Beau comme Crésus".  The real expression is "Riche comme Crésus", i.e., "As rich as King Cresus" (a legendarily rich king from Greek mythology), kind of like we might say, "as rich as King Midas" or something.

So the changed expression, "beau" is (masculine) physically attractive, and the headline story was about gold-digger women married very, very old rich men.

The Japanese young womens' expression 三高の男 (san kou no otoko = a "three highs man") meaning a prospective mate should have three highs: high education (prestigious school), high stature (physically tall), and high salary.

Pluto (or Hades) was, of course, the god of the underworld, and a brother of Zeus, and as such he was title to all of the riches underneath the earth, hence "Plutocracy" means "government by the weathy".  Unlike Satan / Lucifer / Beezebub / et al, or Hela (Norse mythology), Pluto was not demonic or evil, or even really that much in charge of tormenting the souls of the wicked (James Wood's portrayal in Disney's characterization notwithstanding) -- he was just kind of cold, reserved, quiet, and like an accountant.

Long story short (too late!!), when I saw "Pluto-booty" I thought of a gold-digger, like a Japanese woman (or other...?), seeing somebody as a likely target for a mate not so much because of their actual attractiveness, or actual booty, but their "pluto booty", i.e., how much money they had.

April 5: pluto booty

When a girl has a butt that is so small, that some consider it nonexistent.
Boy: Damn, that girl's back goes straight down to her thighs. That's a Pluto booty if I've ever seen one!

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