What Martian Desert Would You Not Cross?

I have long advocated that we send convicts to Mars as the first colonists, rather like the British did to colonize North America and Australia.  This was called being "sentenced to transportation".

Another wrinkle on this idea, and an interesting illustration of the relationship between men and women, is the following, and I think that men will readily admit that it is a true representation of human nature.  Not only should we send ships of prisoners to Mars, who would tend to be mostly men, since most prisoners these days tend to be men, but also send the women on separate ships to separate destinations.

The men would figure out how, even at great peril to themselves, to cross whatever terrain, even if it involved quasi-terraforming all of the wastelands in-between, in order to get to the women.

If this would help to advance the cause of Martian colonization, then it would perhaps be a good approach.  In any case, I think that most all men would recognize that if they were dropped thousands of kilometers away from where a landing of a group of women were established, the men would make every effort to get to the women.

I think men recognize this.

I wonder if women do.

I wonder what this means, what sort of commentary on the human condition this might represent.

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