USA an Oligarchy?

"Scientific study concludes: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy"

This is an interesting idea.  I did not look at the discussion page.

Do they consider "republican democracy" to be oligarchy?

Switzerland is thought of as one of the few examples of "true democracy", but what does this mean?

The article itself was kind of short.  They mentioned the idea of a "median voter" -- by what measure?

Presumably for democracy to be functioning, a quorum of people must vote, for one, which is not really checked (unlike France, c.f., "voter en blanc"), and then the government must somehow represent the "median voter".

If a poor / disadvantaged person has less "power" than a rich person, but not zero power or influence, then do we call it "an oligarchy" or "a plutocracy"?  What is the standard?

Are they saying that certain people's votes (ballots) are simply not being counted at all?  If so, that might be another thing, rather than "oligarchy" per se.

Anyway, stuff to ponder.

PS: I'm going to Seattle for Sakura-Con this week-end, so I won't be there on Sunday.  Try to muddle through as best you can, nonetheless.

PPS: Is the marketplace of ideas a democracy?  If not, what is it?  A "meritocracy"?  That's what the US touts itself as, but is that true?  Why or why not?

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