CoVID-19 Plot of Daily New Case and Death Tolls

Here we see again, the daily new cases and deaths, both in Idaho and nationwide. The side axis is in powers of ten (1 = 10, 2 = hundred, 4 = ten thousand, and so on), not in actual numbers. It's a way of getting the US cases, US deaths, Idaho cases and deaths all on the same graph. We see they roughly track each other, but not altogether. Idaho looks better than the country as a whole.

We can see how the epidemic was out of control until the end of March, and then it started to level off in Idaho and the whole USA. This roughly corresponds to the March 25 start of gubernatorial lockdown orders, and we see those bearing fruit after April 5, more or less as one would expect (if they work, which they seem to have done).

However, the curves have only flattened, meaning people are still getting sick and dying in the thousands and tens of thousands, and even close to a hundred daily in Idaho. Even a curve like this going flat is not good enough. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good thing (the alternative is a nightmare), but we want to see those curves drop down to the bottom axis, that is, going for days with nobody getting sick or dying. Idaho is close to this on the deaths, by the way.

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