COVID-19 Doubling Times for Deaths Look Bad


The doubling times for deaths in Texas and Idaho are still at around a month, so every month we have twice as many dead Texans and Idahoans as we have this month. It looks like a slight move in the right direction from a two-weeks doubling time for Texas and Idaho near the end of last month (see charts).

On the Texas and Idaho charts, it looks like things were really taking off in terms of doubling times, rates of growth of deaths around the end of July, and in the past few days they've started heading up again. In Texas, the expected deaths a month out have caught back up to the end of July.

So in Idaho we can see that in a month we can expect, at the rate things are going, and have been going, to have just under twice as many deaths as we have at the moment.
And in Texas it looks like over twice as many, at the rate we are going.
And the picture for the whole USA is not as bad, sort of, but the number of deaths is still steadily climbing.

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