CoVID-19 improving in Idaho

It's starting to look like Idaho is improving.

The new cases appears to be dropping out of exponential growth. Again, it looks like Governor Little took the right action at the right time, and it's had the desired effect. Now we just have to keep it up long enough.

In the USA all together, however, it looks like we'll have two million cases or more by the end of April.

The 8% growth rate seems to be tracking what has been happening for the past several days, and even 5% still puts us well over a million cases.

The death toll looks like it might be around a hundred thousand deaths by the end of April.

The daily growth rates of cases and deaths in the USA both appear to be going down (hence the lower and lower numbers I'm using to forecast the end of May), but it's hard to tell overall. The chart does not look like Idaho (yet).

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