Covid rates slowing, but still growing

It looks like the rate of growth in the USA and Idaho continues to drop. We'll want to watch that over the next week, since people are talking about reopening the economy and all that. We don't want to see these rates rise, or the number of deaths and cases start to trend back into exponential growth.

As you can see, they've all gotten down to 5% or less, and seem to be keeping that trend.

Now here we see the projected cases and deaths by May First. It's looking like the number of cases will be over one hundred thousand, probably around a hundred twenty thousand. In the two charts below, I've projected the number of cases and deaths based on an estimated growth rate. As you can see, the 11% and 15% lines are no longer tracking (they're falling instead of remaining flat), which means the growth rate has slowed, which is good. The yellow and green lines are remaining more flat, which suggests that they depict what our May First values will be.

We're at fifty-four thousand deaths as of now, and it looks like we'll be over seventy thousand by May First.

The USA exponential growth does not appear to be ended, but may be slowing down.

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