Babe in Arms

The tiny babe in arms is helpless but he doesn't worry,
For his mother kindly lavishes her care.
Were she to withhold her love and food from him,
He would surely cry and rightly so,
For he would have no choice but to despair. 
 That is very much what God is like,
For we endure only through His mercy and His grace.
It is only due to ignorance that we should ever worry,
For He has promised always to be there. 

Between God and mother I'll choose independence,
For no other can love us like those two.
It is terrible to fear what the next day brings,
Whether love or loneliness, want or bounty.
If I were ever to find myself so doubting,
Perhaps I, like the crib-death dying in his lonely dark night,
Would choose no more to live. 
-- September 8, 1987 copyright © 1987, 2005

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