Déjà vu

We gather again to break the bread of déjà vu,
And oh, we are a proper pair, we two,
You with your carefree gladness,
And me with my depth of sadness,
Enough to make your voice break with despair.
How I wish that I had strength enough,
To drain this bitter bottle's final draught,
And fill it again with a note,
To o'er the waters between us float
To beg you cross the mountains of distress,
And brave the jungles of prejudice,
To find at last my brighter side,
This our dark night to illumine
With desperate hope I lift my quill,
And choose an elixir to make it fill,
What ink could chance endure the flood?
Which indeed, save my own blood?
-- August, 1992 copyright © 1992, 2005

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