Steve & Sylvia

The roadkill 'long the highway to True Love lay strewn in heaps,
The spiritual voyeurs through misty panes do peep,
All wond'ring what the secrets are they keep,
Those who would the fruits of True Love reap. 
Whilst we the weary walking wounded shamble,
And would-be lovers struggle, mired in bramble,
We all look up to you in our earnest gamble,
That True Love might triumph 'midst this confusèd scramble. 
Think on us a moment, and how the example you have shown,
Gives us hope for peace in the war of Love that we have known,
Pray, think fondly of those who struggle yet within the battle zone;
Think once, and then no more, for your Love is not ours, but your own.
-- July 23, 1991 copyright © 1991

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