Wednesday Morning in Venice

The Moon's reign of nighttime has at last begun to yield,
And the Sun has caused the morning chill to lose its edge.
The Sun and Moon's eyes meet each other from across this field
Where in sleeping bags God's creatures have made their beds. 
And two by two He made them, male and female,
Gently slumbering on this field of cobblestone
Through which a satyr frolics, to his music's distant wail;
And the field, just for this moment, has the coziness of home. 
The flowers of His creation bloom forth from nylon pods,
And to the innocence between them has come no sin.
I have asked that You would grant me wisdom, God,
And through this scene I feel it has been given. 
I will not ask where they'll be in years to come,
But for now, they, You, and all the world are one. 
-- July 23, 1986, Venice, Italy copyright © 1986, 2005

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