O Lustrous Gem

O lustrous gem, shimmering from lofty mountain heights,
Happy hearts lie in the wake of your smiling gleams.
You are so distant and yet so near in sight,
You chase the darkness from this poor jeweler's dreams. 
Hopeful seekers up the craggy bastions go,
Whilst I, so late a pilgrim and unsure, do tarry long.
Would you cast your lovely gaze upon the slopes below,
Where I crowd amidst the teeming, ant-like throng? 
When at last a happy quester would seize the bright stone,
If his hand unfavored be, she will it surely burn.
Perhaps I fear the summit to approach,
For fear of standing with those so spurned. 
What careful setting would rightly your beauty enfold?
I wonder, am I of a pure enough grade of gold? 
-- copyright © 1984, 2005

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