The Mortal Angel

The mortal angel with taped-on wings leapt up into the sky,
And from her lofty perch tossed dewdrops on passers-by.
Shortly after, she returned to earth, unable to really fly. 
Now she walks among her fellow man -- divinely aloof but mortally clad,
But being a mortal angel is not what makes her bad;
One cannot have the best of both worlds and not be sad. 
To not fear death or degradation, or other earthly pain,
And yet to have companions, and take part in mortal play,
To be chaste and undying, yet free of loneliness' chains. 
For an angel who is resigned to walking down below,
Is as any being might be in a hostile world unknown,
And the life of such an angel is one led eternally alone. 
-- copyright © 2005

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