The Insanity of Solitude

Cut off from my fellow man,
I retire to the mansion of my mind.
I wander through the cold chambers of my soul
Until a single thought comes to me
And entices me with her charms.

Is it her urgency or my emptiness that binds us?
Embracing one another, we drift through the endless corridors of my spirit.
And then, the climax of our passion -- a question that has no answer.
Bewildered, I try to recapture the moment,
As we spiral downward together into the darkness of meaninglessness.

We gaze at one another, surrounded by the darkness.
Backlit by the meaninglessness, she seems to smile.
Are you out there, God? -- I cannot find the answer.

-- May 14, 1988, Cairo, Egypt copyright © 1988, 2005

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