Princess at the Pittsburgh Airport

The painting I see is by an artist inspired
By creamy skin, lovely shapes, and dazzling color.
But ere brush could tell canvas the story entire,
The vision was lost, and things ended duller. 
Central is a lost princess in all of her splendor
Surrounded by blandness which distracts not the eye.
For her loveliness demands all its attention.
As if in a dream, I stand stupified. 
The bold strokes of her form proclaim loud her beauty,
A young goddess surreal in this milieu mundane
Of blurred edges which suggest mediocrity,
Painted in by a vain artist to make her look plain. 
The artist isn't foolish, for we share a like mind.
In the contrast he paints, his own heart he shows.
Through the clash 'twixt the real and this woman devine,
He would bring such a one to the world that he knows. 
-- copyright © 1986, 2005

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