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I have written hundreds of essays on macromemetics. Some of them are quite "complete" with footnotes, links to other documents, diagrams, and so forth. Some of them do a better job than others of explaining their points. My goal is to collect the best of them here as a one-stop-shop for those interested in coming to grips with my theories as they currently stand.

Another further goal is to collect ideas so that I can flesh out areas that are as yet underexplained (1) and write more about them. Ultimately I hope to put out some kind of book, probably of essays at first, and then some kind of macromemetics textbook later--baby steps.

The Essays 

I want to make a list of the essays, with links to same, possibly also with descriptions and links to keywords that are explained in each. For now, just the essays, ma'am. I'll see what I can do about the rest. I think I want to update all of the essays I reference herein back to this document, which should facilitate reading all of them in a reasonable order for anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with what I'm trying to do here.

I think I'm going to move all of these essays and such into appendices and reference them from a kind of text that ties them together theoretically and thematically.

Macromemetics Essays 

 Memetic Resonance and How Memes Work in the Brain

Dining Philosophers, on Alienation,  on Endomemes, Contact Memes, and Bullying 

Kids Conspiring to Get Candy 

Memetic Hell & Escaping it Through Play 

Applying the Laws of Macromemetics to Critique Groups 

Introduction to Macromemetics (a bit of an overstatement!)

The Memetic Nexus and the Rock Star 

Memetic Nexus and Power 

The Memetic Anathema of IP 

Why do Jerks Get Ahead

The Macromemetics of Apathy 

The Ideomemetic Appeal of Religion 

Memetic State Diagrams and Transition Matrix Sets 

Applying the Triple Narrative Model to Bralessness Activism 

Mel Brooks & Constructed Memetic Nexuses 

Situational vs. Intrinsic Oppression 

Immunomemetics & Bullying 

Memetic Networks from the Word Level Up & Word-Level Analysis 

The Immunomemetics of Kibbitzing 

The Choice of Libidinal Bribes 

Anthropomorphicization & Cults of Personality in Conformity 

Intergenerational Abuse & Genocide 

Marginal Memes as Tools of Control 

TOOL Book: The Meme Machine 

Cheese-Dicks in the Platoon 

Power Laws and Networks in Sexual Politics, Strategies & Phase Transitions 

What Does Immunomemetic Deployment Look Like?  Knee-JerksSocially-Sanctioned Bullying 

What is Meanness

Memetic Invasion 

The Coffee Klatch Experiment 

Residual Memetic Reward (Debt) & Cohort Membership 

Start at the top of 2016...

Libidinal Bribes & Memetic Debt

Immunomemetic Bullying & Intent

What Service Does Religion Provide? 

Endomemetics & Therapy

Capitalism as System of Control

Prime Pizza Thursday Memetic Loops and Residual Memetic Debt

Nerd Culture

October 2017

The Ownership   of a Human Being

November 2017

   War, Genocide, Colonization, and Slack
   Make-Believe: The Macromemetic Nature of Ceremonies Bullshit

Neologismsnpsp;& Wordsmithy

Filming Yourself Being Filmed February 2018
The Police vs. African-Americans

March 2018
  Affirmative Action, Contact Memes,  Pretendians, and Sherman Alexie
June 2018
  Memetic  Marketplace of Ideas
  The Appeal of  Hatred
  The  Male Gaze
  Agriculture,  Religion, and other Bad Ideas
   Metamemetics and Fighting Starvation
   Japanese Memetic Terms (put in Glossary)
October 2018

Basic Memetics for the Individual Agent 
Need clean-up

   Nudist Resort Analogy and relation to Apathy

   September 2021 (no new essays)
    October 2021 

Assorted Essays

Is Gender Equality Even Possible?

Second-Hand Breastfeeding 

Banning Terrorist Religious Groups 

The Influence of Film Contracts on Attitudes towards Toplessness 

Moving Beyond Capitalism in the Wide World 

Etre Suivie aux Etas-Unis 

Burkas vs. Toplessness 

Argument for Drug Re-De-Criminalization 

Images that SHOULD Piss off Feminists 

Ban Bikini Baristas

Role Reversal in Media 

Lactation Diet  

Wheelchairs before Women? and ERA Perspectives 

Attractive Female in Public 

Walking Alone at Night 

Guns and Violence and Youth 

Going with the Flow 

Body-Con is like Addiction? 

Beautiful is Beautiful 

Circumcision is Child Abuse, Federal Law 

The Ridiculous Double Standard of Peeing Standing Up & Sitting Down 

Sympathy for Disabilities 

Memetic Engineering & Childbirth 

Cross the Martian Desert for Love 

Engineering Writing 

Ignored Sexism and Fashion Victims 

Botched Circumcision & Socioeconomic Status & Genocide 

Veto vs. Consent   

Female vs. Male Science  

Male Sexuality is Ridiculous, His Body, Not His Choice 

Landing on a Feminist Comet 

The Quiet Rooster 

TOOL Book: Look to the Land 

Undercutting Female Power 

The Dialectics of Tiger Lily 

TOOL Film: Until the Light Takes Us   

Bread on a Bumper 

Circumcision & The Burden of Empire 

The Externalities of Gift-Giving & Gender Tax 

The Practicality of Asexuality 

Assorted Poems 

The Cymotricous Terpa 

Aggressive Pseudo-Intellectualism

Women Are Cool 

Mnemonic Dirge 

No Victim, No Crime 

The Java Junky's Litany 


Circumcision Gravestone 

Moscow, Idaho Toplessness Ordinance (and links

Geek Girl Con, Perspectives, Trepidations, and Photos  

The Wage Gap & Other Stories (several links inside)

The Flag Rarely Flies at Full Mast 

Gay Liberation Helps Breeders, Too 

Circumcision Harms Women, Feminism & Circumcision 

Marketing Climate Change 

Foreskin Facts 

Escape Hatch 

The Balls are Out-of-Bounds 

Einstein on Objectification 

Sloppy Terminology in the Media 

12-Step Comics 

Holiday Warning 

No More Fed Funds for Circumcision 

20 Smart Jokes 

Sexual Paranoia 


Star Trek Joke 

Women Get Out First 

Custom Rules for Risk 

Sample Drawing Artwork

Stick Figure Indians & Female Legitimization


(1) One of these is the Box Binning Project, which I have yet to write up. This is a project I did at work where I transformed how my employer did inventory in the factory, which I estimate saved $1.3 million per year in staff costs alone, not including reduced opportunity costs.


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